I loved the recent LinkedIn shout-out from Carolyn Elefant, which also made some important substantive points about blogging and lawyer use of newer social media.

As best I remember, it was actually a presentation for Maryland CLE when Carolyn first helped me. It doesn’t matter, since whoever it was they loved her ad hoc presentation as much as I did.

I like being a talent spotter. So far as I know, my invitation to her was her first opportunity to give a presentation on lawyer use of the Internet.

Carolyn’s blogging helped me find her. It made her stand out in my mind. Blogging worked then and still works, if you know how to use it, as Kevin O’Keefe never tires of reminding us.

True, much of the magic is gone, but the benefits can be large. Also note: Just about anyone who aspires to social media prominence can benefit by a supplemental blog. This is why Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell recommend the use of a blog as the hub of your promotional efforts. It’s good advice.