Why do I host this blog (and in fact this entire website) at Lexblog? Because it is the best platform for lawyer/bloggers. It’s probably also one of the best choices for general website development, since it does a great job of integrating the industry-leading WordPress platform.

Why is Lexblog the best? Too many reasons

Are blogs dead? Not exactly. They can be fantastic tools–if you do them right.

The biggest problem with most bad blogs is too much marketing drivel. Which would you rather watch: A good ballgame on ESPN or a channel that had nothing but advertisements? A good movie on Netflix or a never-ending string of commercials?

Kevin O’Keefe provides something to ponder:

“When it comes to researching law firms and professional services providers for potential hire, more than two-thirds of respondents (71% of in-house counsel; 69% of C-suite members) cited articles and speeches from thought leaders as a critical factor — second only to recommendations from trusted sources. That’s an