I’m pleased to be working on an interview with Richard Granat, a seminal figure in the drive to improve access to justice in the U.S. Here’s what ChatGPT has to say about Richard:

Me: Tell me about Richard Granat, legal rebel

Richard Granat, Legal Rebel

ChatGPT 4.0: Richard Granat has been a pioneering figure in the legal technology field, often recognized for his innovative approach to providing legal services online. Known as a “Legal Rebel,” Granat was honored by the ABA Journal in 2009 for his forward-thinking methods in the realm of online legal services and legal tech education​ (ABA Journal)​​ (ABA Journal)​.

Granat’s career has focused heavily on automating and transforming legal services to make them more accessible and affordable. He has developed various platforms, such as SmartLegalForms and DirectLaw, which enable law firms to offer standardized legal services at fixed prices. This approach not only democratizes legal help but also allows consumers to handle their legal needs more directly and transparently​ (ABA Journal)​.

Moreover, Granat has been involved in the early stages of online legal education, influencing the way legal services are taught and implemented in practice. His efforts include founding the first virtual law firm and various educational resources aimed at helping lawyers and clients navigate the complexities of law in the digital age​ (ABA Journal)​.

At the core of Granat’s work is the belief that technology can significantly enhance the efficiency of legal services and improve access to justice for a broader audience. This vision has driven him to continuously innovate and explore new ways to integrate technology into the legal field, keeping him at the forefront of legal technology advocacy and development​ (ABA Journal)​.