Stephen Terrell’s article in ABA’s Experience magazine has good advice on self-publishing, a topic discussed here previously. An excerpt:

What does it cost to self-publish a book? The surprising answer is not much. To actually publish a book both in print and ebook through Amazon’s KDP Publishing, there’s no up-front cost except for proofs and author copies you order. None.

If you take the quality of your self-published book seriously, there can be costs. You may want to hire a content editor to edit your story or a line editor to review your novel for those pesky grammatical and typographical errors. Costs vary but can range from about $5 per page for proofreading upwards to $20 per page or more for extensive editing.

KDP offers free standard covers, but you may choose to hire a cover designer; that typically ranges from $250–$600.

The author correctly notes that promoting the book is probably the biggest barrier. Some lawyers are in a better position to do this than others. Think about your ability to self-authenticate and self-promote before choosing this option.