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An article in this month’s ABA Journal entitled Customers are relying on web searches, but some lawyers aren’t prioritizing SEO and social media marketing (ABA members only) provides more evidence that the legal profession is generally not on the cutting edge of technology:

Seth Price, a founding partner of Price Benowitz Accident Injury Lawyers in Washington, D.C., says many law firms don’t use SEO or social media because they’re stuck in an older mindset when it comes to marketing, and they don’t believe that change is necessary.

“As a result, they think there is no need for other forms of marketing because what they’re doing has worked well enough so far,” Price says. “But newer law firms are recognizing the gaps when it comes to digital marketing, and this is allowing them to grow quickly and therefore secure a more competitive position within the industry.”

Conrad Saam‘s Own the Map remains the single best resource for easing lawyers into sophisticated use of SEO. Our review of this excellent book is available.

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