Juanita Lawson
Juanita Christmas 2019

Purpose: My wife Juanita  has been hospitalized since early September. The longtime office manager for the Washington DC law firm Regan Zambri and Long, she has many friends.  The most concerned have been calling me, sending me texts and emails about Juanita’s status. I welcome this concern but responding to each communication is burdensome. I will be updating this page as I have time to keep Juanita’s friends and colleagues updated on her status. 

Juanita was diagnosed with a rare brain disease, Encephlitis, HSV type, with complications. She is being treated by an excellent team of doctors and nurses at Inova Fairfax Hospital, rated by U.S. News and World Report as the best in this urban area.

Juanita is suffering from Aphasia (thinking OK, difficulty in communicating) and Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing). Here are some details:

  1. Juanita is quite responsive when I talk with her.
  2. After four weeks in the hospital she is frail.
  3. She needs intensive speech and physical therapy.
  4. The hospital anticipates releasing her soon to a skilled nursing facility or letting her return home for care by nurses and therapists. I have not decided which option to choose.

I encourage readers to share this interim address with anyone interested in Juanita’s medical condition:  https://www.newideaslegaltech.com/juanita

I am working on a dedicated replacement for this interim page that will use the URL https://www.healingjuanitalawson.org

I will be posting updates and suggestions as to how her friends can help her..

Jerry Lawson

Updated October 5, 2021