No doubt, allowing lawyers and other contributors to law firm knowledge management databases via intranets and other techniques to “brand” their contributions by having their names attached is a powerful motivation technique. However, there are times when its complete opposite, anonymity, has greater power.

Some of your best lawyers may have great material, but be

Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers, 2nd Edition (ABA Publishing, 2020) by Carole A. Levitt and Judy K. Davis. 352 pages.

The Cord-Cutter’s Guide to Legal Research?

By Jerry Lawson

Is it time to cut your legal research expenses? New alternatives make this an intriguing possibility, especially for small to medium-size firms. The newest version of “Internet Legal Research on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Resources for Lawyers” is the single best resource I know for lawyers interested in exploring this option.

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Freida Riley at Blackboard
Freida Riley at the Blackboard

My high school math teacher, Freida Riley, influenced me more than any other mentor. I acknowledge my debt to her in the  preface to my new book about knowledge management for lawyers (June 2012 projected publication date). The preface uses things Freida Riley taught

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