Enhance Training Materials With Font Choices

Accurate, and engaging content is the key to computer slide shows. However, appearance counts, and counts big. Font choice is one subtle but important appearance factor. It’s worth taking some time to understand the basics of font choices for slide shows, and how they compare to other tools ethics trainers

It’s time to take a break from business as usual and address something more important than making money. Ahsan Nasar is running an insurgency campaign against a career politician in the House of Representatives, Virginia District 11.

The top issue in Ahsan’s campaign is an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. He is speaking truth to power. The

Just completing an interview with Richard Granat for LLRX.com. My favorite sentence:

[Maryland Family Lawyer] fits my business model of generating income when I sleep.

Gotta love the business model of generating income while sleeping.

A few American Bar Association articles provide background about Richard Granat’s impressive contributions to using the Internet to