Reciting credentials is a tried and true method of building credibility. Prestigious school? Law review? Judicial clerkship? Your clients include Microsoft, Tesla and Google? By all means, recite every credential that might impress a potential client (or convince your current clients how lucky they are to have you in their employ).

Credential-flaunting can help, but

Too many lawyers are letting money slip through their fingers. Alabama personal injury lawyer Hunter Garrett was pleased to take a client that three other lawyers had lured but not landed. He observed:

“Later, the client mentioned that I was the 4th lawyer that he called.”

Spending lots of money on the best bait around

One of the best ways for ambitious lawyers to increase their visibility and credibility is to write and publish a book. Many decent writer/lawyers find writing a book in their specialty area to be relatively easy. Getting it published, not so much.

“Vanity Publishing” has been around for years. It’s sometimes referred to as “subsidy

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