Is it really surprising that legal research companies are exaggerating the quality of their Artificial Intelligence apps?

The more significant finding a the new Stanford University study is that both “Westlaw and Lexis offer high quality responses.” As you might expect, the estimable Bob Ambrogi is all over this (here and here).

The eagerness of some lawyers to use accuracy issues as an excuse to reject any use of AI is folly. It’s similar to the many lawyers who were similarly reluctant to use the Internet for legal research back in the 1990s. A few adhered to the Luddit view well into the 21st century!

The answer is simple: Implement appropriate quality control measures. Double-check key citations or arguments. While AI accuracy leaves something to be desired at this point, it’s advanced well enough that lawyers who use AI as well as conventional legal research tools will have the advantage.

Version 1.0.0

This is exactly what I said about using the Internet a quarter century ago. The advice applies just as well today about AI.

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