One of the best ways for ambitious lawyers to increase their visibility and credibility is to write and publish a book. Many decent writer/lawyers find writing a book in their specialty area to be relatively easy. Getting it published, not so much.

“Vanity Publishing” has been around for years. It’s sometimes referred to as “subsidy publishing.” Basically, the author pays for his book to be published.

Self-publishing is an option. New technologies, including the increased acceptability of electronic publishing and on-demand printing, have made self-publishing a more attractive option.

Always-on-the-leading edge Dennis Kennedy realized this years ago. He switched from conventional publishing houses to Amazon KDP years ago. His most recent books have been published through Amazon, which distributes books electronically through Kindle or in print-on-demand paper versions.

For his new book The Legal Tech Ecosystem Colin Levy decided to go with a publisher new to me, Rames House Publishing. Rames says that its function is to “help attorneys and other professionals independently publish as a way to market themselves and their practices. We work directly with our clients throughout the process—from the raw manuscript to the polished print or electronic finished product.”

The editing and physical quality of The Legal Tech Ecosystem make me think Rames House Publishing is a worthy alternative. I am considering it for my next book.