Roman Zelichenko‘s recent LinkedIn post questioning the value of LinkedIn prompted me to provide him a recommendation:

On getting back into the legal tech game after being out a few years working as a civil service lawyer with a knowledge management specialty, I needed to get up to speed on recent developments  at a 0 to 60 pace. Of course, developing a facility with LinkedIn was a top priority.

Make LinkedIn Work for You: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals by veteran legal tech gurus Dennis Kennedy & Allison C. Shields (now Johs) was by far the most useful guide I found.

It is the best $25 investment I know for the LinkedIn-ambitious lawyer crowd.

Successful Innovation Book

A bonus observation: While getting a copy of the LinkedIn book, also pick up a copy of Kennedy’s Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law.  Both books were self-published via Amazon. See my post Is Self-Publishing Right for You in case you are interested in exploring this promising new approach to book publication.