Most recent revisions: August 2, 2021. Projected publication date: September 2021.

Here’s a draft article I’m working on for intended for publication at The issues we dealt with on the ABA’s  eLawyering Task Force concerning the use of technology to better provide legal services to consumers have continuing relevance. I welcome reactions/suggestions from entrepreneurs who are still struggling today with similar issues in the fields of AI and other cutting edge technologies. I’d love to include insights/quotes from those on the current front lines:


Businesses like Hello Divorce are increasingly gaining traction, as demonstrated in part by a recent $2 million investment from a group including Jack Newton. Many are wondering about the future of such projects. Sometimes you have to know where you’ve been to understand where you are–and where you are going.

The American Bar Association’s now-defunct e-Lawyering Task Force is dead but its long tail of influence is still evident to those familiar with the project. The purpose of the Task Force was to smooth the way for lawyer entrepreneurs to better use the Internet to provide legal services to consumers.  Several factors, including the success of Jack Newton’s book The Client-Centered Law Firm, are drawing new attention to the Task Force’s goals.